What We Do

Our main aim is to tackle mental health stigma. We do this through all sorts of events and projects – the more creative the better!

Some of the things that we do come from our own ideas, for others we work with other charities and organisations within the local area.

Postcards filled in at Breeze festival 2015.

In the past we’ve worked with university students, lead training for professionals, held stalls at events such as Breeze, created postcards, and participated in groups creating new digital solutions to mental health problems; from websites to apps.

We are a group who know each other well, meeting up to share ideas and plan events on a fairly regular basis. Many of us also campaign and volunteer with other organisations; we frequently support each other through these endeavors, too.

We’re always up for hearing new ideas and meeting new people. If you’d like to be involved, please drop us a line.