Exams, the stress involved

Personally I find that I stress very much over the little things and very much about exams.


This stress can change you forever, I think it is mainly caused by the vast amount of pressure placed upon these exams, which can cause peoples mental health to deaerate leading to stress related problems.


After months and months of revising, the exams come and it hits you, even though you have been revising, it only comes down to the questions set and your memory.  This causes the stress to build and build, which in turn can cause peoples mental health to deaerate.


The exams hold so much importance, which then causes people to put them self under more and more pressure to gain the results they need; as they count for the rest of your life, they carve the path you take in life.


When they have been and gone, it’s the time to relax and have some fun.

However, this sometimes just can’t happen as it changes your routine, I’m experiencing the same problems, I just can’t relax. I find it hard to just relax because the pressure of the exams have changed my mind set; because of the pressure place upon the biggest 9 weeks of my life!


By Sam Worsnop


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