Emma works for the Leeds based charity Space2 Leeds and is the Project Coordinator for Shout Out Leeds. Emma has a professional and personal interest in mental health and she is extremely passionate about supporting young people to develop, grow and get their voices heard around the city of Leeds.

1. Why do you continue to work in the mental health area?
I have worked in mental health now for 10 years, my reasons are both professional and personal….I just feel there is not enough support and advice out there for young people on this topic and wish there was! So I continue to do the work and try and push the agenda forward.

2. Who keeps you motivated to do the work?
ALL the wonderful young people and volunteers I work alongside…they inspire and drive me to do good!

3. Do you have lived experience of mental health problems?
Yes! for 18 years now I have taken medication for my mental health to help me function each day – I have also learnt to ‘manage’ my mental health better. Life is a journey and you learn as you go sometime.

4. What’s one random fact about yourself?
I would like to have a dog, but don’t have enough time to look after one properly…but definitely will get one when older and retire!

5. What would be your 5-a-day for your mental health?
Pray/meditate, sleep, be aware of my internal thoughts, eat chocolate when I feel like and go for big walks in the countryside.

Shout Out Leeds is always looking for new volunteers and young people to get involved so please feel free to contact us!


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