Mental Health and Relationships

This week, Lyla has blogged about how her mental health can interact with her relationiships.

How can you love me when I can’t seem to love myself

Relationships and your mental health – how do you how do you combine both of them without destroying the bond between you and the person you have the relationship with?

Family – I personally struggle with my mental health my mum struggles with hers. We were there for each other. Mine and my brother’s relationship was pretty rocky but when mum was unwell, my brother and I stuck together and we were there for each other and got closer.

Friends – my mental health sometimes makes me unbearable to be around. I struggle with anxiety and trusting people, I sometimes take things too personally and that can result in misunderstandings and fall outs.
My way of dealing with fall outs with friends is to completely ignore them until I’m ready to talk. Some of them don’t understand that my anxiety affects me so much and that it can sometimes come across as arrogance or aggression.

Lovers– I haven’t really had the best experience when it comes to intimate relations. There was one person and I’m still talking to him to this day, he can make me feel like I’m on top of the world, my insecurities are invisible and even when I’m not exactly loveable he’s there for me.

Generally I think to keep your relationships and your mental health on level playing fields is best. I have a good relationship with my immediate family and a select few friends. It’s quality not quantity. What’s the point in having loads of friends and them not understanding why you can’t always interact with them? In my experience all you need is someone who can make a decent cup of tea and just sit there with you not saying a word or watching a movie together and just tearing up in each other’s arms or laughing till you’re in tears.


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