Yorkshire and Humberside Young People’s Emotional and Mental Health Event

Saturday 9 April saw us; the Shout Out volunteers and facilitator, attend the Yorkshire and Humberside Young People’s Emotional and Mental Well Being event.

The event was held at Horizon in Leeds, so was really local for us and easy to access – which was great!

We arrived just after 10.30am to register and to set up our small Shout Out ‘stall’ area. We were greeted by very friendly and relaxed people who advised us what to do and where to go. After arming ourselves with a hot drink we sat ourselves at the Leeds and Wakefield allocated table in the room: Here we discovered we were the only young people’s group representing Leeds (which made us wondered where our Leeds Youth Parliament Members were?), the rest of the young people and facilitators on our table were based in Wakefield.

Discussing barriers young people face when accessing mental healthcare.

In those early minutes it soon became apparent that there were a lot of young people from around Yorkshire and Humberside, who had made the effort to give up their Saturdays and attend the event – this was so great to see! I would say that at least 70% of people attending were young people. And this made us realise that we are ‘not alone’ in our passion and fight for promoting positive messages on young people’s emotional and mental health!

The day progressed steadily with a variety of presentations from Clinical Commissioners, CAMHS and young people. My favourite bit was hearing from the young people and learning more about all the different ideas and projects each area is undertaking to raise this agenda with young people in their localities- it really was inspiring to hear from them all.

At lunch we ate by our Shout Out stall and chatted to those that came over to us about out campaign and work…many took our leaflets and business cards and said they would keep in touch.

The day ended with the room deciding to establish a young people’s group from across Yorkshire and Humberside to help keep communication open and keep everyone in formed of how the work and initiatives progress in each area.

It was a great event to take part in, and really inspiring and interesting to meet other young people from across our region.


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