Who We Are

We are a group of young people from Leeds and surrounding areas, working to educate people about mental health, hoping to reduce stigma in the process. We’re lead by Emma who works for Space 2. We’re very friendly, so if you’d like to contact us, just drop us a message.



Carrie is passionate about dispelling the myths surrounding mental ill health and feels it’s important to allow people to be open about their experiences. She is also a physics student and loves animals.



Emily is very passionate about mental health campaigning. She loves music, gigs, and guitars. Her life consists of green tea and books and she has dreams of traveling and seeing the world.



Emma James works for the Leeds based charity Space2 Leeds and is the Project Coordinator for Shout Out Leeds. Emma has a professional and personal interest in mental health and she is extremely passionate about supporting young people to develop, grow and get their voices heard around the city of Leeds.

Shout Out Leeds is always looking for new volunteers and young people to get involved so please feel free to contact us!



Jevanté undergraduate who is passionate about mental health campaigning and enjoys volunteering, sports, reading and films





Harry is a blogger, filmmaker and aspiring screenwriter from Leeds. He has been involved with Space 2 since September 2014.



Naomi is a student at the University of York who’s passionate about volunteering and getting young people involved in their communities. She believes that it’s played a major part in helping her discover who she is as a person and what she wants to do with her life, allowed her to meet new people and has given her opportunities that she would have never otherwise had.



Sam plays an active part in his community and feels strongly about campaigning against the stigma and the grey area surrounding mental health. He is a committed member of Shout Out Leeds, never failing to put himself forward for the events we do.



Steven has been involved with Shout Out since it began, is an active mental health campaigner, and is very passionate about improving young people’s mental health through tackling stigma, discrimination and educating others. He also works full time and likes photography, music, and politics.


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